Frequently Asked Questions

Account creation in NT+ is free. However, there is a USD99 registration fee to fully activate your account with NT+. A non-activated account will be unable to set their username to create a referral URL, unable to purchase MP, and unable to receive MP from upline.

All transactions will follow HK/Singapore’s Time zone (GMT/UTC+8).

After the purchase, there is a considerable delay between ordering the mining machines from the manufacturer, the delivery, and installation of the machines. After the one-month setup period is over, the MP will start generating passive earning

Each NT+ account has two types of earning:

1) Active Income is for direct sales of NT+ MP. Your NT+ account is immediately eligible for Active Income (direct sales) on the 1st level of your NT+ account. If you would like to expand your active income earnings for more than one level, please check with the person who introduced NT+ to you.  

2) Passive Income is set at a *fixed percentage pay-out per month for 7 months. At the end of the 7th month, NT+ buys back your MP and pays you the full amount (100%) of your initial purchase in Bitcoin**.

*Asset Lease Agreement is revised every 2 weeks

**May be subject to change

The amount of available MP for purchase by our customers will be determined by the existing capacity of our mining machines.

After the setup period ends (One month after the purchase of your MP).

There are no refunds or cancellations once payment is made. Cooling off period is not applicable in NT+.

You will get a total earning of the *fixed monthly percentage for the 7 months plus our buy-back at 100% of your initial purchase. You will also receive 5% of Success Token based on the initial value of your MP purchased.

It’s based on a fixed rate of a *fixed percentage per month based on your MP up to 7 months.

But let’s break that down. It is actually earning the *fixed percentage's total over about 7 months (8 months if including the 1-month setup waiting period). On the final month (which is the 7th month) you’ll receive 100% of your purchased MP back + total *fixed percentage of your purchase in MP over that time.

Yes, you may make payment by TT, however the payee must bear bank charges from both sides. The interest charges vary from bank to bank.

Once you have withdrawn all earnings, the account is still active but you will not receive any passive income as there is no MP in the account.

Every account is qualified for Active Earning on personal Sales at L1.

Beyond Level 1, Each additional level of Unilevel Earning is based on the number of Active accounts at 12MP in your Level 1 up to a maximum of 12 levels.

You can find them through this link: PPT or PDF

You can also access them through the NT+ back office along with other guides. Login to your NT+ account, under the navigation bar on the right, click “Resources Center”.

There are several factors involved in the decision of where to host cryptocurrency mining equipment. You want a location where you have access to cheap electricity, cheap land, and a robust Internet infrastructure.

Electricity Cost – A major cost in running the machines is the cost of electricity. Ideally you must balance the reliability of the electrical grid, the cost of electricity, and whether it is generated through environmentally friendly using renewable sources. We are happy to say that the location chosen meets all the above criteria.

Cooling – The machines can run quite hot. Humidity control and cooling are needed to ensure an optimal lifespan of the machines. We are happy to say that we have chosen a location that meets these criteria.

Internet Infrastructure – We have chosen a location with reliable high-speed Internet.

Cheap Land – We have chosen a location where the cost of the space to host the machines is economical. In addition, we have more than one location for our server farms so there is redundancy.

This is not our business model. You are not purchasing or investing in cryptocurrency mining equipment, nor is this a mining pool. You are purchasing MP or mining power and you lease it back to NT+ for fixed monthly earning. We will use our mining equipment and other business dealings related to cryptocurrency to optimize our generation of revenue to pay you a *fixed percentage of purchased MP per month for 7 months.

The equipment is currently the best in the market, but like all computer hardware there will be new models and faster hardware every few months. We will be updating equipment as we purchase new machines and retiring older lesser efficient machines as they become outdated. At the moment our primary cryptocurrency mining location relies on almost 100% renewable energy – geothermal and hydroelectric.

In order to leave options open for the best business decisions, we reserve the right to adjust our strategy in cryptocurrencies. At the moment we will be mining Bitcoin, but depending on the market conditions we can adjust to mine other cryptocurrencies for better, more optimal results.

We will have closed circuit video for the sites 24/7 for our own monitoring. We will consider making site visits possible for the future.

Impart opportunities for our members to grow in their financial education to become financially free to live the life of their dreams. We give them practical tools to Earn and Learn. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but if you are struggling financially, it is very difficult to live the life of your dreams.

NT+ is not an investment and does not generate returns. It is a membership and not a financial instrument. You purchase mining power and then lease the MP back to NT+ at a fixed rate per month. We do give you a *fixed percentage of the value of your initial MP per month for 7 months and return 100% of your initial purchase at the end of the 7 months in Bitcoin**.

*Asset Lease Agreement is revised every 2 weeks

**May be subject to change

We are not tax consultants. Please consult a tax professional for any questions related to tax matters as they vary from country to country.

The NT+ backoffice will provide you a wallet enabling you to track the details of your earnings. This wallet is a separate wallet from your Bitcoin Wallet. Cash out or withdrawals can be made to your chosen Bitcoin Wallet. We do provide step by step guides for a few commonly used Bitcoin Wallets.

For Active Earnings, you can choose Bank Transfer or i-Payout as your withdrawal method. For Passive Earnings, you can only withdraw in Bitcoins. Minimum withdrawal amount is USD100.

We do not impose any handling fee on Bitcoin withdrawals. Please take note that your Bitcoin Wallet Providers (eg: CoinBase, Luno, BitPay, etc) may incur other additional charges.
*Only available for Passive Income withdrawals

A 3% handling fee will be imposed on all USD withdrawals. Depending on the withdrawal method, additional transactional charges would be incurred:

1. Bank Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer (TT): Approximately USD45 per transaction. Other local bank charges may apply.
2. i-Payout: There are no fees to transfer USD amount to your i-Payout wallet. However, there is a small amount of fees charged when you withdraw from your i-Payout Wallet to your bank account, withdraw as a cheque, or reloading into your VISA prepaid Card. You can refer to the fees schedule in your i-Payout eWallet account.

Withdrawal/cashout requests will typically be processed twice a week, every Monday and Friday (cut off time is 10am - GMT +8). If you are withdrawing in Bitcoins, the USD-BTC rate is based on the rate at the time of your withdrawal. For example, if you withdraw on Tuesday, 3PM (GMT+8), your withdrawal request will be processed on Friday the same week, but the USD-BTC rate for your withdrawal will still follow and is locked at the exchange rate of Tuesday, 3PM (GMT+8).

Once a Bitcoin withdrawal request is processed, you should see the bitcoins reflected in your Bitcoin Wallet within 24 hours.
*Only available for passive income withdrawal

USD withdrawals are also processed twice a week on Monday and Friday (cut off time is 10am - GMT +8). Depending on your withdrawal method, the time would vary for the money to arrive to your account.

We will offer training and courses to members in order to better understand cryptocurrency and the opportunities available so that they can be updated on the latest trends and make informed decisions. We will also diversify to mining other cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin.

NT+ is not an investment and does not generate returns. It is a membership and not a financial instrument. You purchase mining power and then lease the MP back to NT+ at a fixed rate per month. We do give you a fixed percentage of the value of your initial MP per month for 7 months and return 100% of your initial purchase at the end of the 7 months.

You are responsible for being aware of the local laws for your country regarding MLM / Direct sales and making an informed decision for your involvement.

The Asset Lease Agreement begins 1 month from the date we receive payment for MP. (Note: There may be a delay between the date you request payment from your bank and the date we receive it. In such case we use the date we receive payment.)

NT+ processes all SXL withdrawals on every first Monday of the following month with the cut- off time at 10 am (GMT+8). Withdrawals will usually take 10-15 working days to show up in your wallet.

A minimum of 5 SXL is required to withdraw your tokens.

There’s no restriction on the maximum amount.

We have provided the step-by-step guide in the Resources Center available from your personal NT+ BackOffice. Kindly refer.

You can view SXL and other ERC20 tokens transactions from here

*For the current percentage, check with the person who invited you.